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SPPU-BEE Online tuitions strictly as per 2019 pattern syllabus for first year students. 

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    Basic Electrical Engineering


    Resistance, EMF, current, potential, potential difference and Ohm’s law

    Magnetic effect of an electric current, cross and dot conventions, right hand thumb rule, nature of magnetic field of long straight conductor, solenoid and toroid. Concept of mmf, flux, flux density, reluctance, permeability and field strength, their units and relationships. Simple series magnetic circuit, Introduction to parallel magnetic circuit(Only theoretical treatment), comparison of electric and magnetic circuit, force on current carrying conductor placed in magnetic field, Fleming’s left hand rule. Faradays laws of electromagnetic induction, Fleming’s right hand rule, statically and dynamically induced e.m.f., self and mutual inductance, coefficient of couplings. Energy stored in magnetic field.

    Electrostatic field, electric flux density, electric field strength, absolute permittivity, relative permittivity and capacitance. Capacitor, capacitors in series and parallel, energy stored in capacitors, charging and discharging of capacitors (no derivation) and time constant.

    Sinusoidal voltages and currents, their mathematical and graphical representation, Concept of cycle, Period, frequency, instantaneous, peak(maximum), average and r.m.s. values, peak factor and form factor. Phase difference, lagging, leading and in phase quantities and phasor representation. Rectangular and polar representation of phasor.

    Study of AC circuits consisting of pure resistance, pure inductance, pure capacitance, series R-L, R-C and R-L-C circuits, phasor diagrams, voltage, current and power waveforms, resonance in series RLC circuits, concept of impedance, concept of active, reactive, apparent, complex power and power factor, Parallel AC circuits (No numericals), concept of admittance

    Concept of three-phase supply and phase sequence. Balanced and unbalanced load, Voltages, currents and power relations in three phase balanced star-connected loads and delta-connected loads along with phasor diagrams.

    principle of working, construction and types, emf equation, voltage and current ratios. Losses, definition of regulation and efficiency, determination of these by direct loading method. Descriptive treatment of autotransformers.

    Classification of electrical networks, Energy sources – ideal and practical voltage and current sources, Simplifications of networks using series and parallel combinations and star-delta conversions, Kirchhoff’s laws and their applications for network solutions using loop analysis, Superposition theorem, Thevenin’s theorem.

    Effect of temperature on resistance, resistance temperature coefficient, insulation resistance, conversion of energy from one form to another in electrical, mechanical and thermal systems.

    Different types of batteries (Lead Acid and Lithium Ion), construction, working principle, applications, ratings, charging and discharging, concept of depth of charging, maintenance of batteries, series -parallel connection of batteries



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    Basic Electrical Engineering
    As per SPPU 2019 pattern
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